Within one energy-filled hour, you will focus on all parts of your arms, shoulders, chest, abdominals, thighs and seat. This resistance interval training is done in conjunction with an emphasis on strengthening core muscles, the foundation of a healthy physique. Based on the exercise method developed by ballet dancer Lotte Berk, Centerpeace classes are progressive with the added element of cardiovascular training.

After concentrated work on each muscle group, clients are guided in a focused stretch of the area, resulting in longer, leaner muscles. Proper form is the foundation of a safe and productive Centerpeace workout. Each client receives personal attention while in this unique class setting.

Stephanie Spiegel founded Centerpeace in 2007, bringing her extensive background in dance and years of instructional experience to her clients. Stephanie’s motivation, inspiration and belief in exceptional, attentive personal instruction have set Centerpeace apart. Learn more