Good health is the asset upon which all other aspects of your life - thoughts, actions, dreams, and energy level - depends. This foundation can be built and maintained with a commitment to paying close attention to exercise, managing stress, and eating clean.

All strength, physical and spiritual, begins with a conscious mindful connection. Centerpeace classes are a pathway to a balanced lifestyle through a fusion of mental focus and physical exercise. We exercise discipline to attain personal goals, with the intent to reach further as our bodies and minds become stronger. Our "connection to conscious living" can translate to many aspects of our daily lives. We examine our interactions with others in hopes that we are positive, patient and thoughtful. We try so hard to eat well knowing that good nutrition gives fuel to our bodies and minds for optimal functioning.

For those of you who know me well, I speak of my mother and father often, with wishes that our daily lives were not separated by 3000 miles. One of the many things my mother taught me growing up was how to prepare nutritious meals. She developed her love of cooking from her mother, Frances. I grew up learning from both of them that the art of cooking is an activity in which all generations can participate together. We laughed and laughed.

On my 35th birthday, my mother surprised me with my very own compilation of the recipes I treasured growing up. She inscribed a letter to me, "You will no longer have to call your grandma or your mom asking for a recipe, because they are all here. My recipes of a lifetime." She continued, "I can't tell you how much joy it brought me to put this together. The recipes took me on a sentimental journey of my youth”. Thank you Grandma and Mom, I now continue this journey with my husband and children.

Please visit my blog each week where I will post and share my favorite recipes and treats with you! Let’s enter the most central room in your home, your kitchen, and create delicious healthy foods together.

Bon Appetit!